In the whirlwind of congratulations, pinterest boards, and advice from every direction - You’ve probably begun to dream and plan out what you’d like your wedding to be like. The end result will be a precious day that must be handled with great care. There are months of making each and every detail perfect, planning out every little moment to be executed and captured in the most beautiful way possible to bring your dream day to life. This is where I step in - Taking the burden of all of these tiny little details and orchestrating your vision, without the stress and sleepless nights! As you plan on how to get from here to that day, I’ll walk through the journey with you and give you the insight and guidance to bring your vision to life. Its a fun and creative process that we’ll craft together. Whether you want to work as a team in collaboration, or simply hand off your vision to me to turn into reality, we will put together the perfect day for you to love and enjoy! You’ll cherish it for the rest of your life.



Just want to kick back and relax? I’ll step in and take care of all the details for you. From help managing your budget, to finding the perfect vendors, to designing concepts and themes

This package covers it all.


Maybe you’ve taken care of almost everything, but just want a little help pulling together the final details. I’ll jump in 4-8 weeks before the big day to put together the perfect timeline, finalise everything with all of your vendors, assist with seating arrangements, and cover any last minute details. I’ll be there on the rehearsal and wedding day to make sure everything is perfect, so all you need to think about is getting lost in the moment and enjoying all that hard work!




I am a travel bug and LOVE experiencing new places! Planning to say I do on the peak of a mountain? Reading your vows under the mist of a waterfall? Holding hands and walking off into the sunset on a beach? Destination weddings are a specialty that I absolutely love designing and planning. When I get to mix travel with wedding planning, I’m a happy planner!

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Hosting another significant event outside your wedding day? Whether you are planning an anniversary, birthday, bar/bat mitzvah or even a cookout with friends-  I can help you plan, organize and coordinate the big day. I provide a consultation offering recommendations on venues, and décor ideas.

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All Packages Based on Labor & Detail


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