Lauren & Austin 

Katlyn took my wedding on by storm! Literally. (It rained on my wedding day but I didn't even know it, because Katlyn kept me away from all windows and preoccupied to even worry abut the weather!) Months leading up to my wedding, Katlyn made herself available for every little detail and answered every single phone call! She met with me more times than I think we even agreed upon in her contract - just to calm my nerves. Thank you to Katlyn & her team for making my wedding such a success!

Jason & Ashton

"Mine and Jason's day was truly exactly the way we wanted it without trying much at all. At times we felt like everything was falling apart and we didn't know if it would even happen. All we knew is that our love is true and God's power is strong and this made the day happen. God brought exactly the people we needed to us to make a beautiful day. One of these people was Katlyn Gates, the​​ owner of Southern Gates Weddings & Events. I called her at the last minute knowing I needed a director to run the show, I couldn't do it on my own and I wanted my family and friends to be able to enjoy the day. Katlyn not only stepped in the help but blew everyone away with her knowledge and expertise in the wedding feild. She knows what she's doing and she takes care of every little detail. She thought of things I would have never dreamed or considered. Katlyn has natural talent in the wedding buisness and if you are wanting a beautiful day that is worry free you need to contact Southern Gates!"

Chelsea & Jeff

"Katlyn was such a great wedding planner! She went above and beyond to make sure our day was perfect! She was very good at eliminating stress for us in preparation for our big day! She always offered to meet us anytime we needed her to discuss wedding issues, she even came to my house to help print out vinyl for our entrance mirrors that I wanted to make, and she always instilled positivity in us by telling us how much progress we have made in the wedding planning process! She was very good at making sure all the vendors were on the same page and knew where they were suppose to be and when! She also was well organized! Every time we met with her she had a checklist of what we have accomplished and what we still have left to do! This definitely helped keep us on track because having a wedding can be very overwhelming and get out of hand very quickly! Another thing I liked about Katlyn was that she had multiple wedding items that she let us borrow for our big day, such as card box, centerpieces, and much more! We highly recommend Katlyn for your wedding planning needs!"

Sarah Cate & Matt 

"Katlyn with Southern Gates Events has so much talent when it comes to planning weddings! She made my dreams a reality! I could not have asked for a more perfect night! If you are looking for someone to help with your wedding I would highly recommend her!"

Melissa & Todd 

"I cannot say enough about Southern Gates Wedding and Events. Katlyn was so helpful from the very beginning. Being a 40ish bride brought different needs and challenges. Katlyn had great ideas and brought them into fruition. Katlyn made my day so special. All my needs were attended too and I had not a care in the world. Katlyn made my day so special. I am beyond thrilled with how the entire planning and event went. Best decision ever to hire Southern Gates Events. Thank you for making my dreams come true."

Southern Gates Weddings and Events

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