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Newly Engaged Bride-to-Be

First of all, congratulations! The first few weeks of being a newly engaged woman is a very special, emotional time. The outpour of love is endless –with your new fiancé, from your family and friends, and even those reaching out on social media.

While you’re soaking in every moment, it’s true that you also start planning your wedding almost immediately. I have provided you a list of ‘Newly Engaged Bride-to-Be’ steps every new bride needs to know:

Tell your family first! Nothing upsets your Great Aunt Linda more than hearing the big news through your Instagram account. Take the time to tell your family members and your friends, then show off your new bling to the social media world.

Get your ring sized. Give your beau a break – he did the hard part of picking out a beautiful ring, now go to your local jeweler to get your ring sized correctly. You may want to even get it insured!

Start discussing seasons. Picking out a date right off the bat is hard to do. Start discussing with your partner the seasons, and narrowing it down that way. Maybe you’d love a Spring wedding but he always envisioned a Winter wedding. By pointing out the seasons, you two can either come to an agreement early on or meet in the middle.

Brainstorm your wedding timeline Now that you’ve picked out a season, start setting realistic timelines. Are you going to have your Spring wedding this Spring, next Spring or maybe the next? Align on a timeline and go from there. Your wedding planner will thank you later.

Determine your wedding party This can be fun and also one of the hardest decisions. If you’re not sure where to start, begin by envisioning how large you picture your wedding party. Do you see yourself standing in the middle of 6, 8, or 12 bridesmaids? Once you have a number in mind, start listing the people closest to you, who you just can’t see your big day without. However, no matter what, remember this is YOUR wedding day! If your high school bestie gets upset because she “didn’t make the cut” – there’s always other roles she can play!

Most importantly… Take the time to just be happy together! You will never get this moment back, so enjoy the first few weeks together. Wedding planning can always wait. And if you hire me as your Wedding Coordinator, you’ll have even more time to enjoy together. Let me take the stress of wedding planning off your hands.

To all my newly engaged brides-to-be, contact me today and let’s get to planning your dream wedding!


Katlyn Gates

Event Specialist

Owner of Southern Gates Weddings & Events

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