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It's Your Wedding Day!

Getting ready the morning of your wedding is a special time shared with your loved bridesmaids, and special family members. Here are some of my favorite tips on getting ready for your big day so you can relax and enjoy every bit of the process! This morning will be one to remember.

Plan all extra grooming ahead of time. You should plan all haircuts, manicures, pedicures, facials, and any other grooming for the day of or before your rehearsal. You want your hair and nails to still look freshly done, but you won’t have time for all those appointments the day of your wedding!

Keep a tight schedule. Make sure the logistics of getting ready are planned in detail in your wedding timeline! You should consult your stylists, but typically plan for about 45 minutes per bridesmaid and the mother of the bride for hair and makeup individually. Schedule one hour to an hour and 15 minutes in your timeline for the bride’s hair and makeup separately. Be sure to pad it with some buffer time!

Pack an emergency kit. A kit like this can be a life-saver when getting ready. Some things you might include: fashion tape, mints, tweezers, Advil, a nail file, eyelash glue, band-aids, clear nail polish, a mini hairspray, lotion, a mini comb, deodorant, Q-tips, earring backs, bobby pins, hair ties, tissues, floss, a sewing kit, boutonniere pins, oil blotting sheets, a stain remover, and any extras you can think of! We will provide an emergency kit for you the day of your wedding if your an #sgebride!

Keep your dress wrinkle-free. Hang your dress and make sure you have proper instructions on how to steam it or remove wrinkles.

Watch your alcohol intake. Everyone loves a good time, but don’t get carried away before your wedding! Stick to light drinks like mimosas for the bridal party!

Eat a light lunch. It’s important that you nourish your body and don’t forget to eat! Avoid heavy, greasy foods and opt for something fresh and mess-free like fruits, sandwiches, and salads. Food that is easy to pick at while getting ready is always great!

Make sure you have plenty of room. Wherever you decide to get ready, be sure you have plenty of room for your bridal party, stylists, and any family members who also might be getting ready with you. You should have plenty of seating, mirrors, and outlets or extension cords for the stylists. If your photographer is shooting “getting ready” photos, you’ll definitely want a ton of space and light is always a plus!

You will remember this morning for the rest of your life!



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