About Katlyn 

Katlyn Gates, Owner

Wedding Planner & Event Coordinator
Marketing Degree | Certification in Hospitality Administration

Katlyn has been born in raised in the Augusta area. Throughout her life, Katlyn has had a passion for creating the perfect atmosphere for gatherings. After beginning her career in marketing and events while enrolled at Augusta University, she interned for some of the best in the event industry in Augusta. 

The Small Details

Katlyn thrives off of a busy atmosphere and has always had an eye for detail, both of which are key to coordinating seamless events. She truly loves getting to know the couples or individual she works with in order to make their special day as personal and special as possible. Her favorite part of any event is stepping back and observing the guests enjoying being present in the moment. To her there is nothing more gratifying then sending people home with the memories of a fantastic evening.

Southern Gates Weddings and Events, LLC.

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